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Welcome to standalone DVD Player Region-free unlock guide. On our pages you will find a lot of verified working unlock codes collected from many different sources.

Whilst we made every effort to ensure that the information contained inside these pages is both accurate and up-to-date, we take NO responsibility and accept no liability for any damage caused from applying these procedures as laid down on these pages.

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DVD Player model: Grundig Xenaro GDP 5100

1. Select "i" on the remote.
2. Choose "installation" [box 5]
3. Choose "extended settings" [box 5].
4. Choose "service menu" [box 3].
5. Choose "dealer service menu" [box 2].
6. A code is needed here, it's 8500.
7. choose "system messages".
8. Choose "on" and press the < button [to the left of the "ok" button on your remote].
9. Go back to the "service menu".
10. Choose "system information".
11. With the remote, press 70307196 [note that the number will not show on the screen while you do this].
12. If you typed it correctly, a box with "system messages" appears and a word or a number will appear next to it.
13. If the word reads "none" then forget the whole thing, as you are already region free... if there's a number there then that is the region your unit is using.
14. Press "ok" on the remote to change the region.
15. Use the down button [directly under the "ok" button on the remote] to scroll down the list.
16. Select the word "none" to make your unit region free.
17. The warning you see is probably meant to do nothing more than frighten you, I don't think you can damage your player by altering this since it's only altering region codes , which have nothing to do with anything vital to the unit. [no worse than changing TV channels really].
18. press "i" to end.


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