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Welcome to standalone DVD Player Region-free unlock guide. On our pages you will find a lot of verified working unlock codes collected from many different sources.

Whilst we made every effort to ensure that the information contained inside these pages is both accurate and up-to-date, we take NO responsibility and accept no liability for any damage caused from applying these procedures as laid down on these pages.

Use them at your own risk!


DVD Player model: Grundig Xenaro GDP 6150

1. Get into the Service Menu. This is not intended for home users, only for service technicians. Therefore you're asked for an access code, it is 8500 for all Xenaro DVD Players.
2. Activate "System Messages" using the Service Menu.
3. Leave the Service Menu and get into the "System Informations" Menu.
4. When you see the System Infos, enter the following code on the remote control. Note that the player will not print the code on the screen, you have to enter it blindly. The code is: 70307192 (This is the one that differs from the 5100 model.).
5. A system message should appear. It will not appear if you got the code wrong or if you did not activate system messages in the service menu. Confirm the message with OK on your remote.
6. Now a window appears in which you can change your region code. Values 1 to 8 and "none" are possible. "none" will disable the internal check of region codes (i.e. makes the player CodeFree), but RCE titles might not work. This doesn't really matter, as you can change the code as often as you wish to match a specific disc.
7. If you want to, you can disable System Messages again using the Service Menu after you changed the code.


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