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Welcome to standalone DVD Player Region-free unlock guide. On our pages you will find a lot of verified working unlock codes collected from many different sources.

Whilst we made every effort to ensure that the information contained inside these pages is both accurate and up-to-date, we take NO responsibility and accept no liability for any damage caused from applying these procedures as laid down on these pages.

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DVD Player model: Hiteker HE-1120

Turn on player.
Make sure there’s no disk inside!
Press set-up.
Press stop.
Press skip left |<<.
Press skip right |>>.
Now you are in factory settings screen where you will see: Version: (my player):V25J01131 region ID (standard on region 2) CSS (for new protection disks?)Standard auto (on) Macrovision (standard auto)(on) Automute Dither.
Now go with remote on region (blue buttons on remote).
Press right and choose "bypass".
Confirm with enter!
Macrovision same deal set to "off" confirm with enter (play).


[upper level]