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DVD Player model: Samsung DVD N-501

Use an Aiwa Hifi Remote Control...
Turn on the N-501 (without any DVD on the player).
Wait until in the TV appears "No Disc".
Open the tray and put a DVD from other region, don't close the tray!!!
On the remote control of the Aiwa press the "Clock" button (in some remote control you must do a button combination like "Shift+9"), and in other model of Aiwa remote control doesn't appear the clock button, you must try with the "random" button.
If you do it right, in the corner of TV where appears "No Disc" will be say "Region Free".
In the Player Screen say "ADJUST" and the tray must close, and you are ready to enjoy the movie on your player.
Your DVD is now REGION FREE until you turn it off. While you don't turn it off, you can change movies whatever times you want. If you turn it off, every time you turn it on, you must do all the steps again to be able to see other region movies.


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